Wireless Sensors

Add the point-to-point solution of TR20 wireless wall modules and receivers to the flexible programming of many Honeywell controllers, and you’ll meet the demand for energy-efficient, accurate control without the time and cost of wiring. You’ll save time and money while improving performance, and that’s outstanding for everyone’s bottom line.

Reduced Costs

The TR20 family of wireless sensors makes a huge impact on the material and labor costs of every job, reducing them significantly. The material costs are clear — you won’t need to keep buying wire for every job, and you also won’t need to keep materials on hand for patching walls and repairing trim damage. The savings in labor are even more significant. All the time spent pulling wires, dealing with unforeseen obstructions and more is gone. The sensors are wireless. And the connection of the receiver to the controller is painless. You’ll not only save time, but you’ll be able to add business by taking on more jobs.

  • No Field Configuration — The sensor and receiver are shipped together as a kit, so you never have to worry about having the wrong pairing. Just in case, dip switches let you pair any sensor to any receiver.
  • Easy Installation — Just put up the wall module and wire the receiver to the controller, and communication starts automatically.
  • Signal Strength Indicator — An LED indicator on the sensor lets you know immediately if the RF signal is strong, eliminating guesswork.
  • Up To 7.5-Year Battery Life — Lowers your maintenance costs. (7.5 years with Lithium, 5 years with Alkaline, provided)

Controller Compatibility

Choosing the perfect Honeywell controller for the application won’t be a problem, because the TR20 family works with just about everything:

All Spyder controllers

Excel 10 W7750, W7751, W7752 and W7753 controllers

T7350, T7351 thermostats

Other various non-Honeywell controllers

Does not work with TB8220, TB7220 thermostats or XL15

  • Inventory Savings— Because of the compatibility, just two kits take care of nearly all your wireless sensor needs.
  • Excellent Range — With a typical range of 100 feet and an open air range of 3,000 feet, the TR20 family will work perfectly for most applications.
  • Application Flexibility — In addition to controller compatibility, you’ll also have the flexibility of choosing sensor-only or override and push button models.

Further Information