380 Series


The 380 Series combines a turbine flow meter and BTU transducer into one compact package. Available outputs are 4-20mA, BACnet, Modbus, or Ethernet.

CWL Series


Because people are the major source of CO2 in a building and outside air must often be conditioned, calling for fresh air only when CO2 levels are high saves energy. Make the CWL Series part of your demand controlled ventilation strategy. Order with humidity and temperature sensors for the lowest total installed cost.

E30 Series


The E30 Series with its IEC Class 1 metering accuracy is the best monitoring solution for new construction projects. The monitors offer unmatched flexibility with ¾”, 1” or 17.5mm spaced current sensors, as well as 1, 2, or 3 pole breaker support.

E5x Series


The E5x Series offers ultimate versatility in power monitoring with a wide choice in mounting options, inputs, outputs, and communication protocols including BACnet, Modbus, Lon, and Pulse.


EA10 Series


The EA10 Series provides highly accurate string level current via its state-of-the-art pulse reset technology, which protects the monitor from output drift and power spikes & surges (up to 20kA). The modular construction allows for 8 to 32 strings to be monitored with a single device.

EA20 Series


The EA20 provides accurate current monitoring, pulse reset technology that removes the risk of permanent accuracy reductions from power spikes and surges. The EA20 offers a status LED that ensures proper wiring, and fixed settings of 100A, 150A, and 200A.

EP Series


The EP Series combines a microcontroller with high performance low power coil poppet valve technology to create a system with unparalleled accuracy and proven reliability. The EP series is versatile in operation offering field-selectable 4-20mA/0-5V/0-10VDC inputs, manual override, and multi-point calibration.

FSR Series


The FSR Series measures forward flow, reverse flow, and the net total, providing reliable readings at very low flow rates. The meters are easy to install by clamping to the outside of the pipe, eliminating contact with fluid, and easy to integrate with Modbus, RTU and BACnet/IP communication.

G Series


The G Series optimizes energy use by conditioning air only when CO levels exceed 25ppm, and offers flexible system integration with 4-20mA or 0-5V/0-10VDC outputs, and compatibility with DDC system, GM panel, or direct fan control.

H0 Series


H0 Series humidity sensors are polarity insensitive two-wire 4-20mA or 3-wire 0-5/0-10VDC devices, with a fully interchangeable element that is easily replaced in the field.

H80 Series


The Enercept H80xx Series combines measurement electronics and split-core CTs into one package, reducing installation time and costs, and providing easy system integration via pulse, analog, or Modbus RTU. The H80xx is self-powered, self-contained, and ideally suited for sub-metering applications.

H300 Series


The H300 go/no go current switch is a reliable solution for monitoring status on unit vents, exhaust fans, and recirculation pumps.

H308 Series


The H308 is a micro, split-core, adjustable current switch, with a minimum trip point at 0.75A or lower. Accurately monitor current on loads ranging from small motors to air handlers.

H904 Series


The H904 eliminates calibration with its microprocessor-based technology. The current sensor automatically compensates for the effects of frequency and amperage changes associated with VFDs, and features a self-adjusting trip point.

H922 Series


The H922 is a self-powered analog current sensor that provides accurate load trending information with a proportional 0-5VDC output signal.

H970 Series


The H970 comes with factory calibrated switch-selectable amp ranges for high resolution and installation ease. Each model provides mA and DC voltage outputs, and can be installed in three different configurations for added flexibility.

H8400 Series


The H8400 Series shadows utility metering and monitors UPSs, emergency generators, and other power distribution equipment (up to 600V) with ANSI C12.16 level accuracy.

HW Series


The HW Series of humidity sensors are polarity insensitive two-wire 4-20ma or 3-wire 0-5/0-10VDC devices, with a fully interchangeable element that is easily replaced in the field.

LD Series


The LD Series combine with the SC sensing cable to detect the presence of fluid and report the exact location of the leak. The panels trigger an alarm when conductive fluid is detected and display the location of the hazard.

MSC Series


The MSx Series reduces energy consumption and controls energy waste by lighting a room only when it’s occupied.

PG Series


The PG Series is a durable, highly accurate pressure sensor with a wide operating temperature range of -40° to 85°C (-40° to 185°F).

SDI Series


The SDI Series insert style liquid flow meter with stainless steel/PPS tip combines flow sensing with a built-in transmitter for an all-in-one flow measuring system. Measure supply and discharge water to get credit on sewer bill for actual water discharged. Don’t be billed for evaporated water.

TW Series


Monitor temperature levels, minimizing energy used with our thermistor, RTD, and transmitter devices. Veris offers a wide variety of mounting options from wall and duct mount, to averaging sensors that accurately monitor temperature in all settings.

V100 Series


The V100 Series are pilot-duty relays in an easy to use nipple mount enclosure. The relays offer field-selectable high and low voltage coil inputs, and provide quick relay mounting without a dedicated field enclosure.

VT76 Series


The VT76xx Series provides single and multi-stage control with multiple contacts, with or without occupancy control, and with or without BACnet, Echelon, or Wireless communication protocol, maximizing system adaptability.