Spyder VAV

Advanced VAV Control

Whether designing energy-efficient Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) buildings or creating new advanced control schemes for automated buildings, the programmable family of Spyder® Sylk™ Enhanced VAV Controllers redefines power and flexibility by providing the most advanced unitary control with unparalleled flexibility to customize solutions to fit an application’s unique needs — all without requiring a plant controller. Spyder VAV Controllers are designed to meet today’s advanced, custom building requirements. They can support single- or dual-duct VAV, complex room CO2 control, terminal fan speed — just about every room control requirement. For applications with different I/O requirements or smaller footprints, the Spyder family has you covered. You can’t find a more powerful controller in this package size at this price.

The Open System Advantage

With Spyder VAV Controllers, you’ll enjoy significant cost savings over proprietary systems, and have the flexibility to design exactly what you need to control and monitor any building automation process.

Packed With Features

  • Spyder Micro — Along with offering features in a compact unit, Spyder Micro includes a 15 Hz pulse meter input for hooking up water meters including sewage and electricity meters. Also available is a wiring box for meeting code requirements.
  • Greater Programming Capabilities — 200 function blocks and 240 network variables offer significant programming flexibility.
  • Easy VAV Balancing — The Spyder VAV controllers use Honeywell RapidBalance™ for VAV box balancing. RapidBalance is a stand-alone PC-based software program that can drive multiple VAVs to maximum or minimum flow setpoint, as well as drive water valves open or closed for water balancing. This allows all Honeywell Excel 10 VAV Controllers and Spyder VAV Controllers to be balanced using one simple tool.
  • Works With Zio™ LCD Wall Module — Get more flexibility in the most complex applications by adding Honeywell Zio TR70 LCD wall modules. The two-wire, polarity-insensitive bus ensures perfect installation every time.