Spire Metering Technology

The 280T heat meter offers the most advanced BTU measurement by using state-of-the-art ultrasonic flow measurement technology. It does not have moving parts to wear out, thus, literally requires no maintenance. It is also very cost-effective. This means both commercial and residential installations can profit from the advantages of wear-free heat measurement: precision, operating security and long service life.

With its maximum 95°C operating temperature (130°C version is available upon request) and nominal pressure of 1.6MPa, the technical specifications meet the standard for residential meters. The high measurement dynamic allows a load of up to double the rating, thereby ensuring high operating security.

Reliable Ultrasonic Flow Measurement

280T heat meter uses transit-time ultrasonic flow measurement principle to measure the flow rate: opposite sending and receiving transducers send ultrasonic signals alternately with and against the flow direction. The flow rate can be exactly calculated from the difference between the two transit times. There is no moving components in the sensor, and as a result, the measurement is wear-free and stable over a very long time period.

Suitable for Both Commercial and Residential Applications

This compact meter fits in even the smallest installation conditions and can be mounted separately from the electronics console. The meter also has an order option for remote read-out (pulse, M-Bus or RS485 output). The large display can be set to display heat consumption, temperatures, flow total, working time or velocity.

Remote Readout System for building energy management

280T offers various output interfaces, such as Pulse, M-Bus, RS485/MODBUS, BACnet/MSTP, LonWorks, Radio and more, to accomodate a wide range of applicatioins. When equipped with M-Bus module, the heat meters can be networked through a two-wire bus to a central location for integrated resource management.

An optional concentrator and data acquisition software make the whole system installation and integration easy. Spire Metering provides a complete AMR solution.

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