Honeywell Stryker

Introduction of the Stryker® Controller

The Stryker Lon VAV controller is the first in a family of configurable, application specific controllers that have been added to Honeywell’s portfolio of controllers. Based on an already proven hardware platform, the technology within Stryker provides a new level of speed, ease of use and flexibility never before available in an application specific controller.

The Most Flexible Application Specific Controller You’ve Ever Seen

By leveraging the technology used in the Spyder controller, the Stryker controller meets any application currently met by the popular XL10 and then some. The first VAV models are based upon the Spyder Micro Lon hardware platform and include the capability for meeting many sequences and control strategies including: CO2, Humidity, Discharge Air, Modulating Periph/Reheat, Modulating Fan and many more. All of this adds up to a contractor being able to do a wide range of jobs with the same flexible controller that can be programmed with amazing speed.

Accessory Loops

The Stryker has the flexibility to utilize unused I/O via a feature that is new to application specific devices, the Accessory Loop. Up to two points (inputs and/or outputs) can be configured for custom use in an extremely flexible manner modeled after the popular XL15C. Control strategies from simple lighting and fan control to more complex sequences like peripheral heat based upon outdoor air can all be achieved with the Accessory Loop feature.

Custom Sensors

Stryker has the capability for the user to create two unique 10 point tables for use when existing non-linear sensors are already on the job. These tables can be used as many times as the user desires in a given application (e.g. if there are 10K type 2 space and discharge air sensors and another 10K type 3 NTC outdoor air sensor, a single table would be used for both 10K type 2’s and the second table used for the 10K type 3). All sensor curves can be saved and reused for future applications. The Stryker controller is flexible and can work with a variety of sensors. There is no need remove existing sensors saving time on the job and money for your customers.

Custom Wiring Diagrams and Labels

As the user configures the Stryker controller, the Wizard tracks all of the selected configuration options and custom I/O names and then creates exportable wiring and terminal diagrams. The exported wiring diagram PDF can then be used to import into CAD programs like Visio and AutoCAD for use in submittal, saving you time with each submittal you do. If desired, the user can print the custom terminal diagrams on their own peel and stick adhesive printer paper and place them over the factory terminal labels, which results in a more customized, easier to troubleshoot installation.

Configuration – AX Wizard

The Stryker controllers can be configured via a Niagara AX™ wizard just like the existing XL10’s. Strykers will be LonMark 3.4 Certified for those customers who need to meet certain project specifications.

Configuration – Standalone via Zio and Zio Plus

Strykers can also be configured by the new TR71/75 wall modules. Nearly every configuration parameter is available at the Zio wall module, so configuration and even balancing can be done by simply powering up the controller, connecting a Zio and then configuring the parameters available. After configuration is done via the Zio, an integrator only needs to perform an upload and the configuration is added to the WEBs-AX station database.

Since Stryker has the capability to utilize Zio, an installer could use a conventional sensor on all installed Stryker units, and then use a single Zio to configure as many Strykers as desired. Since the Zio’s program and configuration is stored in the Stryker, each time the Zio is connected to a new Stryker, it gets its program from that device.

On-board Schedule

The Stryker has a real time clock and an on-board schedule. This schedule can easily be configured for use as the main schedule or as a backup if the network schedule goes down. By default the schedule is configured for 24/7 occupied, but customers are encouraged to setup and even specify the use of an individual backup schedule for every controller on the job. If using a TR75, the user has access to the on-board schedule and if desired, individual controllers could be left off of the network schedule and controlled by the individual occupants.

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