Let one of our in house consultants show you how to save on energy costs in your building

When it comes to a quick payback on energy costs, it is hard to beat the payback you get when a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is used. Instead of a fan or a pump running at top speed, the VFD will throttle down the speed according to demand, saving a ton of Kw. Because of the savings in energy costs, the VFD pays itself back less than one year and we have software to back that up.

Honeywell VFDs have many advantages over the competitor’s models such as:

  • Start-up Wizards — Set the clock and tell the VFD whether you have a pump or a fan, enter nominal motor information, and you are up and running. PID and multi-pumps wizards are also built in. Typical set-up is 5 minutes.
  • PC Software Wizards — Commissioning, programming and troubleshooting are all a snap with the PC Software Wizards.
  • Graphic Interface — The easy-to-use keypad and interface deliver menu-driven programming and monitoring for fast, uniform commissioning. It’s also easy for the building owner or manager to learn and use, helping to reduce service calls. Every parameter has a built-in help feature to provide assistance while programming.
  • Built-In Communications — With BACnet®, N2 and Modbus built in, your customers will enjoy a lower total installed cost and reliable communications with the building management system.
  • Built-In PLC — PC based tools eliminate the need for an expensive external controller.
  • DC Choke for harmonic protection
  • Standard RFI Filter — Ensures that EMC/RFI requirements are met.

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