Floor Plans

Make your project run smooth and look smooth with 3D floorplans easily integrated into automation system graphics or escape plans. The floorplans can be colored or plain for color overlays for zoning, temperature mapping or alarm status mapping. Life safety escape plans must be approved by contractor and Victor cannot be responsible for accuracy or effectiveness in the event of an emergency.

What we offer…

  • Convert your scanned 2D images into 3D or cleaned 2D images
  • Final product provided as jpg, tiff, or png.
  • Color textures available, such as brick, hardwood, or grass.
  • Transparent backgrounds saved as either a gif or a png.
  • Custom work available upon request.
  • Turnaround is usually 24 hours or less once approval or PO is issued.

What is required

  • Almost any printable image format can be used such as jpg, gif, png, tiff, dwg, pdf or bring in a physical document that is scan-able.
  • Quality and accuracy of product may depend on what is provided.